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polarized about hugo chÁvez. there are a lot of people he changed. i was looking to the woman that had tears in her eyes. she said her life had changed. what is for sure is that the size of the comparison to him being a dictator what is for sure is that he is going to be remembered as a changing figures here in the country. >> we can still see pictures that does come m from c 00 than just coming in from -- we can still see pictures that are just coming in from caracas we know this announcement was made by the vice president. what do people make up vice- president maduro? >> maduro was not the most popular of people. then mr. chavez appointed him as his successor. in polls are round october, he only received about 4%. this was during the election. pollsters were trying to figure out whether there were other candidates between mr. chavez and his party. maduro was that the most popular one. just before mr. chavez left for cancer surgery in cuba, mr. chavez appointed him. did that seem to give him enough popularity. for now people think that mr. chavez picked him for a reason. today's press conf
. the balance of risks is changing. the crisis is worsening. we are entering that new phase. cracks in iran, western countries and their arab friends -- >> in rome, western countries and their arab friends are building up one side of support. it is dangerous and unpredictable, but slowly and steadily, the world's most powerful countries are being pulled into the syrian civil war. the west is deepening its involvement with the syrian opposition, not just with political figures, but also with men who have taken up arms against the sr regime. the assad the next phase has not happened yet, but they have taken a significant step toward it. >> for more on the significance of this announcement and the effort of the opposition in syria, i'm joined by the bbc's and panel. he has reported extensively within syria. thanks for coming in. what does this offer of food and medical supplies mean to the rebels? >> i think, very little. the state of america's new policy is to try to persuade president as dogbane to change his mind could i do not think anything here implies that. -- to. assad to cha
how easy it is to make changes if you are an outsider. >> he is not an outsider in that he has worked in the vatican and has served on various commissions. he knows a lot of the personnel involved, but you are right. he has been out of the vatican for a long time. i think that will give him strength. it gives him a vision. it gives him a particular scope of what has to be done. there is so much wait and see about all this, isn't there? >> we will leave it there. thank you for a much indeed for that. it has been an extraordinary atmosphere in st. peter's square. a little earlier we got the reaction from latin america, the first latin american pope, the first known as the wood. >> a huge moment for this region and for the catholic church. in the church behind me, brazilians were hoping this was going to be the announcement of the first brazilian coast, a huge amount of expectation. people were hoping of brazilian would make it to become the pope. a little bit of disappointment but also excitement and interest that they have the first quote from this continent. a latin american pope, and
in venezuela and they're asking that in washington tonight. do relations with america change? >> it was a surprise to hear jesse jackson praying and then he asked got to build bridges between the states and venezuela. the states are the only ones who pay cash for 3,000 barrels. the others are interchanged with china, russia and places in the caribbean. there's a hate and love relation. whenever it's going to be better then the government says that the yankees cater to chavez and they fire our assistant to chavez here. but i think his successor must be more conciliatory. i think the surprise was jesse jackson and maybe he was surprised that someone asked for better relations with the states. they were helping a lot on establishing relations. >> you mentioned the oil and, of course, america is the biggest importer of venezuelan oil. it has to have good relations with this country but it is looking for an alternative to this system of government. do you think now the opposition in venezuela could have success? >> it would be very difficult. the emotion on chavez, the sentiment a
. the crisis is threatening the eurozone. >> reports coming in from europe suggest the eu may have changed the deal, to allow people with deposits of less than 100,000 euros to get off that tax. i spoke a short time ago with former u.s. treasury secretary tim -- larry suckers -- i spoke a short time ago with former u.s. treasury secretary larry summers. >> it changed the world. sarah gave a was a small place -- sarajevo was a small place. it matters so much because of theexample that may be in process of being set. it has heretofore been assumed that insured deposits of ordinary citizens are as good a credit as exists in these countries. the apparent decision that is not the case, with the endorsement of the european authorities, with the endorsement of the imf, calls that into question. there is little wonder that markets are experiencing a change in the way the world that, and it is change they find unsettling. >> if you are a middle aged retiree in italy or spain today, are you really looking at what is happening in cyprus and thinking, you know what, i might take my savings out of the
for the light. but ermon than diplomacy the man was hoping to change the way america was seen in the world when we came into office. obama has shown a passionate respect for their country that is sweet music to israeli ears and many liked his push for peace. one newspaper declared "love has paid a royal visit." >> for our sons and daughters are not born to hate. they are taught to hate. so let us fill their young hearts with the same understanding and compassion that we hope others have for them. >> he mailed tribute to zionism at the grave of its modern founder. the new friendlier approach is already working and he's urging israeli prime minister netanyahu -- he's made a surprising apology to his turkish counterpart in 2009 obama's first big policy speech was in crier ro. -- cairo. >> and this cycle of suspicion and discord mustened. >> tonight the president arrived in jordan knowing many in the arab world watched that speech and waited and wapetted. in this trendy tafoya in the jordanian capital those i talked tofelt let down, further -- to felt let down. >> i think he is exactly like all the
. police say he was the leader of the gang. it triggered outraged and a change in attitude toward women. the prosecution was seeking the death penalty, but stung by his death, families say they suspect this was foul play. this was not suicide says his father. the relatives of the delhi student are angry, too, saying mr. singh has been allowed to cheat justice. >> this is embarrassing to the indian authorities, and it is astonishing it could happen to the lead accused in the most high profile case it has seen in years and in india's most secure jail. the trying of four other men accused and one juvenile will go on. but again, the indian authorities are in the dark as well. andrew north, "bbc news," delhi. >> two american soldiers were killed in afghanistan today by an afghan police officer. it is the second insider attack in three days and it comes after a very tense weekend visit by the u.s. secretary of defense. president karzai accused america of talking to the taliban. we asked what sense we could make of the comments. >> he is in part speaking to a local audience, who are increasing
-- we need this first before any changes will be done. >> and from angela merkel, more caution. >> just because two countries have changed their minds does not mean 25 others have to follow suit. >> david cameron said lifting the embargo would not necessarily mean britain army rebel groups right now. the french have been a little more forceful, but the issue will now be passed to foreign ministers to decide. the current embargo expires at the end of may. if no compromise is found, britain and france could choose to let the embargo last and then go it alone. that would be controversial, but they have certainly use the second anniversary of the conflict to send a message -- "we are not doing enough." overr more on the debate whether to arm the rebels and what if anything the major powers can do to stop the with georgee spoke w. bush's national security adviser. a year ago, you argue that farming syria's rebels was desperately required. where do you stand now? series rebelsg was desperately required. >> we are late. we should have done more before now. >> will britain and france get anywhe
of the united nations. but even there today, a brief moment of silent tribute. this is a moment of change, undoubtedly. also, this is not about politics. it is about a man and a deep, a visceral sense of loss. >> hugo chavez's koffman has just arrived at the military academy -- coffin has just arrived at the military academy, where he will lie in state until friday. i spoke with the former venezuelan minister of trade who joins us from new york. well hugo chavez's brand of populism outlive him? >> it will. there are several forces that he unleashed in the country that are going to be there for awhile. at the front of the debate, the poor and needy. he was very vehement about their exclusion he also did that in a highly polarized in fashion. the politics of rage and revenge have become part of the political fabric of the country and that is one of the many wounds that need to be late -- shield, whoever -- that needs to be healed, whoever his successor is. >> you think that will come with the election, whenever that is? >> this is not an end -- a normal election when there is a political pa
, showing signs of changes to come already. just six months after being shot in the head by the taliban today, a girl returns to school. targeted for campaigning to get girls the same rights and was back inmallalah the classroom in britain. she said she missed her classmates from pakistan. she also said she is looking forward to meeting new friends in birmingham. >> because of the state of the people, i can even walk -- i can even run out. yousafzai only narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in pakistan. following her recovery, this is her first day back at school here in britain. >> all the children should go to school. it is their basic right. >> it is her uniform that she is most proud of unlike most teens. >> it proves that i am is today. it is the happiest day for me this year. i am living my life, my own life, going to school and learning. >> she was a student when she began campaigning for girls rights to an education. taliban extremists shot her in the head. since then, she has been receiving treatment in birmingham. >> at 15, she has already seized responsibility, taking he
will enforce it until the court strikes it down. we heard from the 83-year-old poster child of change, edy windsor. . i am today an out lesbian it's kind of overwhelming for me. >> she married her long-term partner in 2007 but when thea died two years later she was saddled with a six figure bill for inheritance tax that would not have aplayed if married to man. on the steps of the court she thanks the judges. >> very respected and i speak for it to be good. >> so after two days of hearings, it's pretty clear the court is not just divided, as you would expect, but conflicted about how boldly and broadly to rule on this issue. the words of justice anthony kennedy, he and his colleagues are in unchartered waters and we'll know in a few weeks how far they're prepared to go. steve kingston, bbc news at the u.s. supreme court. >> for more on the cases heard the past two days, i spoke a breathe time ago with adam, a supreme court reporter for "the new york times." adam, i know reading the tea leaves of the supreme court is a very inexact science but based on what you heard today, do you think ed
used, you must create the change that you want to see. i think that is a phrase that can be applied not just to the palestinians and the israelis but the u.s. itself. if the u.s. is not creating the change it wants to see, i am afraid the two parties on the messages,erful as the simply does not have the time or the will to do that in the short time that we have before the to- state solution dies. >> critics of president obama said he has given fantastic speeches, and we heard a couple of them in the region the past couple days. the question you seem to be suggesting, will those speeches be followed up with the president using some of his own capital to invest in the peace process? what is your understanding of people in washington? >> that is precisely the point, i think the speeches of president obama are eloquent and powerful as they are, they have bent a little bit -- they have been a little bit flat, followed by action. convincing,e very and given it in a very eloquent manner. what he did not say was whether united states would follow-up on this to end the occupation we talked a
fruits. democracy has also sometimes struggled with economic change. both systems can produce austerity. >> are their commonalities in those countries that have had significant economic growth? are the things they have done that have succeeded? >> yes. there are three keys to prosperity. this a plan, clarity, -- discipline, it clarity, and trust. policy,ontext of fiscal they have been able to save for a rainy day. when times are good, you have a cushion when things are not so good. >> this was pointed out in the 2008 crash. or a decade, the west dictating the terms and conditions to the emerging economies. it is the west that went belly up. >> it is interesting. for decades they west has these are the things they need to do. we seem to have forgotten these lessons. discipline does not mean austerity. it means a commitment to long- term prosperity. context of fiscal policy, when things are not going well, you do not need to cut budgets. you need to give the economy room to grow. right now there is too much focus on austerity and not enough on reform. nationseveloped looking at emerging e
of priests are near their vow of celibacy. the church's teachings would not change. >> there were promises he made. that is -- this is something he is sorry for. it does not take away from the teachings of the church, and should not. was aal o'brien and critic of homosexuality. he called a gay marriage a protest perversion. he admitted that his own sexual conduct had fallen below what was expected of him. cooks we are saddened that the cardinal -- >> he has used this language against gay people. catholic -- mary's st. mary's cathedral, there is shock. this has profoundly shaken the catholic church in scotland. the cardinal is accused of staggering hypothesis. he publicly preached against homosexuality while privately knowing many of his priests were gay. a prominent historian said it was the worst crisis since the reformation. the shock waves are felt right here in rome. this morning, the cardinals pray for divine guidance and swore an oath to keep their proceedings secret. the italians among them are said to want a swift transition. others from the developing world what a pope who will infor
earlier they are cautiously optimistic that, in the long term, this represents a change. the person who will over from nicolas -- from hugo chavez nicolas maduro, has nothing of chavez's charisma. shaw has managed, with -- chavez managed with a strong firm hand to hold his followers together. speculation is that maduro will not be able to do that. the country is facing serious problems -- inflation, 30%. this is a country with huge oil reserves, the biggest oil reserves in the world, yet it is having to borrow money from china just to keep its bank balance a float. it is very badly mismanaged economic elite. they think that will give a chance to take on whoever replaces -- economically. they think that will give them a chance to take on whoever replaces chavez. >> when is the actual funeral likely to take place? do we have any idea the moment? >> [laughter] i wish i could tell you that. the vice president has said he will be embalmed so that his body can remain visible for all time, like ho chi minh. that is the plan at the moment. he is going to stay in the military academy for anothe
which denies benefits to same-sex marriage couples. to givel have definition and direction to a fast-changing society. what happens is not just that they go away or towards gay marriage but the scope of the ruling. it has been called a civil rights issue of our time but how broadly will the court ruled? how much of america will be affected? we should know by the end of june. >> strong opinions on both sides outside the u.s. supreme court today. for more on this case, i spoke to an attorney for the two california couples who are challenging the ban. also the president of the human- rights campaign. from what you heard from the justices, did you get a sense of how they might rule? >> it played out just how i thought it would. you had a rush of questions. that is what they expected. it is hard to read what is going on. we felt good because my partner was able to make our points that children, a gay people are harmed by these discriminatory laws restricting them out from marriage. these marriages will not hurt anyone else he got all those points out. the justices on both sides. out upon it was no
. >> the hostages began to feel as if they were left to feel for themselves. that changed with the release of argo. the film has prompted one senator to table a bill granding the -- granting the hostages compensation. >> you can read a historical novel and read about what happened and you see the outcome. but to see people threatened, trying to escape, it raises the terror they went through. >> signed before ronald reagan was sworn in, the agreement contained one crucial condition. they would forfeit the right to sue the iranian goverment. >> having failed to have that stipulation overturned they are taking a different tack. they are backing a bill to introduce a surcharge on fines levied against companies breaking the u.s. embargo, using it as compensation. >> each would recieve $10,000 for each year in captivity, $4 million per person. it would mark the end of a long quest for justice. u.s.w hope for the former hostages in iran. it is 150 years since the battle of gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the american civil war. the metropolitan museum of art shows poiniant photographs at the war wher
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Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)